SIC - leader in the leather sector since 1926.

SIC SA (Société Internationale du Cuir) is a branch of the professional organisations within the French leather industry federated under the aegis of the Alliance France Cuir.

The task of SIC SA is to help leather professionals adapt to the changing market. It helps them to be in the right place at the right time in order to make new contacts, forge strong links, improve trade between companies and develop new activities.

For more than half a century, SIC SA organised Semaine Internationale du Cuir (International Leather Week) which brought together the following sectors: tanners, suppliers of components, chemical products, machines and various products as well as the manufacturers of shoes, leather goods, clothing, etc.

Until the 1990s, Semaine Internationale du Cuir was the leading show in the profession.

In 1993, SIC SA signed a joint venture with UBM Asia. The company that resulted from this joint venture organises the APLF MM&T and Fashion Access shows in Hong Kong, plus ACLE in Shanghai.

In 2001, the Cuir A Paris show was launched. This specialist show is the unmissable event for mid- to high-end exhibitors offering raw materials and components for the European and international leather markets. By positioning itself on the luxury market, it has experienced remarkable growth over the last five years.

In February 2014, the Cuir A Paris was sold to Premiere Vision SA and became Premiere Vision Leather.

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